Friday, August 29, 2008

Uncooperative Weather

This past week has been a week of uncooperative weather. It rained the night after we started combining and has done so several times since; not a lot but enough to stop harvest.

Ardmore headed to Steinbach yesterday and picked up another fan for a bin, then he and the guys installed. In the afternoon, after much encouraging from the guys and I, he broke down and ordered an electric heater for one of the bins. It won't heat as well as propane but should help dry the grain a little faster without the risk of fire.

I went into to pt again yesterday. My therapist instructed me on using a stationary bike and the elliptical machine. My range of motion on the tkr knee is not functioning to the degree that I can pedal on a bike yet. They want me to go to the top of my range of motion without going around and then to reverse the process until I get to the top of my range of motion. the other direction. The elliptical machine went well. After pt I did my usual workout and added the elliptical to the mix. No one told me how long to work out on the machine though and I ended over working and had an awful muscle spasm in my right hip afterwards. I massaged the area and iced it when I got home and now I feel fine. I did call my therapist and she gave me instructions on how long to do on it. The bike I will do at home on my stationary bike.

Brian came in with me and went to the school to work out. Afterward, we did some shopping and headed to Badger. It is interesting to hear Brian's comments after he has lived in the city for so long. He couldn't help be comment on the size of the town. With a population of only about 1,000 it really is small.

We enjoyed a supper of grilled salmon, Mediterranean vegetables, and apple pie.

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