Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Odds and Ends

We are a busy home right now.

Before I picked up the guys, I did a little shopping in Winnipeg. They have an outlet store area on 90 and I went to the Liz Clayborn outlet. I saw several things that really caught my eye but were not available in my size. I did purchase a brown and green top though. I had planned on going to the bulk food store but q fire destroyed an area of the shopping center where Scoop and Save was located and it was not rebuilt there. I have no idea if it is around at all now. I will have to look for one on line now.

I love to go to the Greek Market on Corydon and so I bought several items so we could go to Assinabon Park for a picnic before we headed home. The food was delish and the guys were happy. We even went back for more to take home.

Yesterday they tried to combine the wheat. They took off about 600 bushels but stopped because it was too wet, about 18% moisture. Our aeration system does well with 16% but not higher. I would like to see us get heater that connects to the fan system and blowshot air into the bin to dry the graun. Ardmore is not ready for that yet, then again, I have a friend lost 5.000 bushels of when in a bin fire last year due to faulty heater. Was a very costly experience. One thing I hope is that the wheat is ripe enough in a few days that they can take it off before the guys head back to LA. I would love to see the wheat off.

Brian is here until the third and James goes back on the fifth. It is never long enough and I anguish over them leaving from the time they arrive.

Michelle and Dave are now in their new home. Their phone is now connected we haven't contacted each other yet. I think she starts school next week.

Thought for the Day
You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop, and use them.
Zig Ziglar

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