Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fish Fly Hatch and Olympic Closing Ceremony

This evening I took my walk to the Roseau River bridge and back accompanied by thousands of Mayfly fish flies. Two young men were fishing when I got to the bridge and one commented that he had been fishing the night before and there were hardly any fish flies. I had walked almost to the bridge last night and didn't see any either. I think they are the White Wulff as they were totally white and so fragile looking. When they came too close to my face I would blow them away. They reminded me of little angels. James will be excited to see them.

They reminded me of our summer vacations when James and I would head west to see Brian and Michelle. We often would stop in Montana so he could fly fish. He had a couple of places he liked to fish at. One time we went to three different rivers, including the Yellowstone River so he could fish each one. Our favorite place was the Gallitin River along 191. He would fish and I would head up to Big Sky to do a little shopping. Our favorite snack was Focaccia bread with mozzarella cheese and grapes. Yum, I can taste it right now!

One time we headed up a mountain to a campsite called Snowbank. It is about 15 miles south of Livingston and was so high that there was snow. An elderly couple had been camp hosts every summer for several years. It was so beautiful with a small stream (Mill Steam) running through the camp ground. We have some wonderful memories of those times when we went to visit the family.

Today I stayed home from church because the check engine light came on in the Merc when I was about 3 miles from home. Ardmore always goes early as he is executive secretary and they have early morning meetings, so I have driving myself.

I had so much to do I don't think I could have gotten it all done. I had slacks to hem, a bed needed bedding washing, and some other odds and ends. I wouldn't have time to be ready for the commissioner meeting if I hadn't stayed home. Plus, I hadn't had time to exercise and really needed to do that also. I decided to try the stationary bike today. I was able to cycle which made me feel pretty decent. I haven't been able to do that in about two years. It wasn't pretty but it is a beginning. I am thinking about buying a 5 speed or having the 5 speed worked on. I loved to ride bike, perhaps I will be doing it again soon.

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