Saturday, August 16, 2008


The US Olympic team 4/100 relay of Jason Lezak, Brendan Hansen, Aaron Piersol and Michael Phelps took the eighth gold, making Micael Phelps the only Olympiad to have ever won 8 medals. What an exciting moment that was to see this group work so well together to win this final chapter that gave this young man this honor. Kodus to you, Michael!

I'm very sore tonight. A common occurrence when I over do. I didn't want to put off cleaning the basement until next week, so beside finishing mowing the lawn this am I cleaned the basement. I will have some problems sleeping tonight as my leg and ankle are sore.That is one thing about have a hip and a knee replacement, well I was sore after just the hip replacement if I worked this hard, it is a little harder when I have had both. Pacing myself is very important.

I also walked down and up the stairs one foot after another, with was a feat. I hope I can handle having both of our sons home at once won't be more than I can handle.

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