Saturday, August 23, 2008

Olympics and Cleaning House

Today, being Saturday and knowing that our sons would be here on Monday, I decided it was necessary to clean the house. Now don't get me wrong, I clean often enough, I alternate between the upstairs and the downstairs. Last week I cleaned the downstairs and vacuumed the upstairs. this week I did both floors and changed bedding on all beds but mine. I plan to do mine tomorrow.

I wanted to clean the window in the upstairs spare bedroom but didn't think I could handle the wooden step ladder so went to town to purchase one of those two step ones with the larger top step, that worked perfect. Now if the guys will help me clean the outside windows when they are home, I will feel great. My outside windows don't get cleaned very often, we live in a split level and Ardmore is always too busy to bring the tractor so I can clean them. I'm going to hope the guys will help me when they are here.

Every once and a while today, I stopped to watch the Olympics. It was a thrill to see our two US men come in 9 and 10 in the marathon. that is such a grueling race, and to even finish is wonderful. My heart went out to a fellow from Ethiopia who was in third place in the Bird's Nest, he just couldn't run any more at the end and another partner from Ethiopia over came him and came in third. He can be proud to have come in fourth but he must be struggling with the loss. A Kenyan took first and bet the former record by almost three minutes. The women's and men's basketball teams and the US women 4/100 team took gold also. I watched the endings of several of the Olympic coverage games. The highlight of the day was seeing US Olympian Bryan Clay win the gold in the decathlon! That is the most grueling event of the Olympics. It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be the closing ceremonies, well it has probably already taken place.

I have had some tough times with my back in the recent weeks since I had my knee replaced. This am was very bad, but after I did some cleaning it managed to move into place and stop hurting. I wish I knew why it is doing this. I hope it will be ok after my knee has totally healed. My inner knee is also sore where it was sore prior to my tkr last month. I will have to ask some questions about that. I am wondering if I had spurs that should have been removed when he removed part of my knee and he wasn't aware of that. Sometimes, it is very painful.

Michelle and Dave moved into their new rental home this past week. I happened to call her house today and they were moving the last of their things. Leah will be in a very bare home with only a tv and a few other things. I hope her renters are good and take care of things for her, and pay when they are suppose to. She starts school in a couple of weeks now. This must be her last week at the credit union.What a change this is going to be in her life.

I am getting excited to see Brian and James. I hope they aren't expecting too much from me. I tire easily and know it is going to be hard to handle everything that needs to be done without some help from them.

I wish the wheat would ripen and they could harvest it. It is going to take a lot from me if I have to help with the harvest this fall also. The soybeans look marvelous although they are very green and don't look anywhere ready to turn. Ardmore started cutting the canola on Wednesday, then it rained an inch and 1/4 Thursday. He did go out and cut all day today. He had to change the reel on the swather as he couldn't cut the canola as it had lodged and was laying too close to the ground. He said it went very well today.

On Thursday, I received confirmation from the Minnesota Humanities Center that my application for the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit Between Fences was accepted. We will be displaying the exhibit in March through May of 2010. I am very excited to be able to host this exhibit. It is a perfect exhibit for a border county next to Canada. I feel very honored that we have been chosen two times now to host these exhibits.

On Tuesday we go before the county commissioners to request our allocation for 2009. It is always a nerve racking time for me. I am pleased I will be able to tell them about Between Fences.

Thought for the Day:
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

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