Friday, August 15, 2008

Champion of Champions

Ardmore and I have leasurely watched all of the evening Olympic competitions until I get too tired and need to hit the sack. Needless to say, that happened a bit too soon last night and I missed the women's gymnastics. Micky told me we took first and second this afternoon. WooHoo! I am very disappointed that I missed that. I will have to find it on the internet and check it our. One more plus for having the internet.

We did see Michael Phelps pick up his 6th and then tonight his 7th Olympic gold. I think that the gold he took tonight is always going to questioned by some people as it was so close, a 100th of a second close. He now joined Mark Spitz in holding the most gold medals in swimming. On Sunday, he will go for number 8. He has been fun to watch. Ardmore was so nonchalant when the games first begain and didn't think anything about Phelps. Now he is as excited to see him as anyone else.

PT today was pain and torture but I think I am moving forward and the pain wasn't as bad as in the past. I started at 95, my highest first try ration and ended at a little over 111. That really made me feel wonderful. Next week I will be going in only two times and we will work on climbing down stairs. I have no trouble going up but am concerned about going down. I am short in the legs which means the steps are high for me. We will see how this goes.

Michelle and Dave are moving this weekend. They found a house in Modesto to rent and she has rented our her home. She starts school in a couple of weeks at UC, Stanslaus. She applied for a pt job at a music store and was offered $26 an hour. I am not sure what she will be doing but I assume it will be teaching piano. This will be a good suppliment to her Pell grant.

Breanne and I had a good visit today until my cell phone died. I didn't even hear a beep so couldn't tell her it was going to go. I will have to call her tomorrow. Josh worked from home this past week. His company gave him a computer and so now he has that ability. They were able to spend some quality time together and took Damen for walks.

Josh received an award from his employer for his work. It was the only award anyone received from this employer at this time. He also received a $250 bonus. He must be very good at his job. It makes me feel proud of him.

I have worked to get funding for platforms in the museum lately and today the final amount was donated. It has taken me about 3 werks to reach this level and I am so pleased with the donor. Wayne Holmgren, a former Roseau shop teacher, made them for me according to a design we receive from another museum. I am excited to have them put into place. We sure have our work cut out for us though. I hope we can meet our goal of having exhibits up and into place in two months.

Our two sons have decided to come home and help with harvest. This takes a tremendous burden off of me. James will be here for two weeks and Brian for nine days. I hope that the wheat is ready and that the canola will be ready before James goes home. Our crops look wonderful. It is very exciting to know they are both going to be here. I wonder how we will put them all up? Perhaps I need to find a good air mattress for myself!

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