Sunday, April 27, 2008

Minnesota Snow Melt and California Heat

This afternoon, I shoveled the last of the wet, heavy snow off of the deck, in my bathrobe! It was about 45 out,very nice. I didn't even feel cold. The deck will probably be completely clear of the slush this evening.

It is hard to believe how quickly this snow has melted. Late this morning, the Flickers and the Robins were in the back yard scratching in green grass that had been under about 8 inches of snow yesterday. The ground must have been warm enough to melt from the bottom up and the top down. It sounds like we will be in the 50s tomorrow, so that will take care of most of the rest of the snow.

I didn't go to church this morning. I was afraid of falling on the morning ice. Our porch gets very wet with the snow melting off of the roof. There is too much snow melt water to go down the gutters so it ends up dripping on the porch. Thank goodness Ardmore put up the railing before I had my surgery.

Tomorrow will be my first offical day back at work. I plan to work about 4 hours; if I can handle that long. I have a significant amount of comp time to take if I need it. I will not go in early as I don't want to go down our porch stairs on the morning ice.

Brian called this afternoon. He had just returned from a run on the sand dunes near El Segundo. I see it is very warm at both LA and Valley Springs, in the 90s. That is good, it will bring us some nice weather, we need some warm weather to dry the fields out to seed. I would love some warm weather, although 90 sounds a little too hot. Perhaps 80 would be more than enough! Brian thought it was beautiful though. He was going to meet some friends this afternoon and they were going to the beach.

Time to exercise!

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