Saturday, April 26, 2008

Minnesota weather is so unpredictable

Ardmore's moving around the bedroom upstairs woke me at 5 this morning. I sleep in the bedroom below him. It has a shorter bed in it so it is easier for me to get in and out of with my hip replacement. Needless to say, whenever he wakes up, he wakes me up. He decided to share the snowstorm with me, so came traipsing down the stairs to inform me that we had about 4 plus inches of snow. Ouch! I knew snow was coming but didn't think it would be that much. This snow is up on the office window in the lower level of the house, so much for spring. It is like a full-blown blizzard out, with the wind howling and making drifts. The snow is still coming down.

Our deck at 7 am this morning

I knew I should have taken in that deck chair!

I feel for the birds that have arrived. Some of my friends have had to put out their humming bird feeders already. What happens to a humming bird when we have this much snow? We had several robins pecking in the back yard yesterday they too must look long and hard for a meal now. I hope this snow disappears fast!

This ends my walking outside for a few days, thank goodness for PT. Yesterday at PT, it did three-quarter of a mile on the step abductor. It wasn't difficult and didn't take long. Going to PT now will set a precedent for the future; it will have become a habit. Each day, I feel stronger and more fit.

Pam gave me a massage yesterday. She has magic hands and arms! I went right home afterward completely relaxed and rested the rest of the day. An hour massage is the best medicine.

James called last evening. He was driving to pick up a date for a LDS Young Adult Conference. He is so busy he needs to begin to say no to some things. Take this week as an example. Sunday he had guests over for supper. On Tuesday, he had an Elder's Quorum presidency meeting. He is President. Wednesday he went sailing, he had committed to this a while back He has lofty goals and sometimes over extends himself. Humm, that sounds so familar. I think I tend to do that too.

A mother's thought.

It is difficult to see your children become unhappy about something in their life, life is not usually fair. I have seen so many things in our lives and our children that I would like to see more successful, but life is not controlled by us. Then again, we also make choices that limit our ability to succeed.

Today is good example of how life is uncontrollable. We are involved in agriculture. We seed about 400 acres, not much but many in our area see thousands and we are all receiving this snow. This much snow right now will interfere with seeding, and can be devastating. It is possible that it will snow and rain off and on all spring and we won't get a crop seeded. We have crop insurance but we would sooner seed and harvest the crops than take an insurance payment for not being able to. There are no guarantees in life.

Thought for the day
"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."
Henry David Thoreau

1:30 pm

Ardmore is out snowblowing. I hope this is the last time; we have at least ten inces of heavy wet snow!

Snow blowing the last of April!

Thoughts on hip replacement exercises

I have about 15 exercises I do two to three times a day. Most are very easy but a few I find give me some discomfort. Those are the ones I am going to focus on and see if I receive any comments from anyone about their discomfort also.

The first exercise I seem to have pain with is the back leg raise while laying on one's stomach. This exercise causes pain at the top of my inner thigh. The second exercise to cause pain is the side leg raises. These also cause pain in the inner thigh. I can do these better than when I first started and it seems the pain is not as bad but they are still very hard to do. The pain for each of these exercises lasts for a while following my exercise program. I know it is not uncommon for women to experience inner thigh pain up to two years following hip replacement and wonder if these exercises help or hinder the recovery effort.

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