Monday, April 14, 2008

Sad news

Today I received some very sad news. One of my dearest friends is now receiving cancer hospice. About eight months ago she started to cough; after a month of this and when she started to lose the ability to breath normally she went to her doctor. He gave her some medicine, which didn't help so did some tests. He found out she had a small cancerous growth at the upper area near the airway.

Chemo was started immediately and more tests to see if it had spread and one tumor was found on her brain. Radiation was started right then to see if the tumor could be taken care of. When she finished the radiation she was in a very weaken condition and she ended up in the hospital where she received two blood transfusions. She was still too weak to restart chemo and more tests reveled that the cancer had spread to other areas of her body, her liver, bones, and blood. The best that can be done now is to help her be a comfortable as possible and enjoy each day. The sad part is that she has never been a smoker. Lung cancer runs in her family and she and I spoke of the other family members who had had lung cancer and they were all smokers. I am devistated by this news. She lives about 6 hours away so it hard to go and visit her also. Her daughter is staying with her and her husband for as long as her mother wants her to stay. I hope that I can find a why to go and visit her within the next few weeks.

I received the hospital bill for my surgery today. Almost $36,000 of which we pay about $1,200. Thank goods we have insurance. I am curious about what the surgeon's bill will be.

Physical therapy is going well. Today I was put on a machine that you pump which could be very beneifical. I needed a hair cut very badly so was able to have that done today too. I don't like to go to town more than one time a day, we live 15 miles in the country. With gas at $3.20, I try to do as much as I can in one day. I was able to do some grocery shopping too. I think I will see about having a massage the next time I go to PT.

I was able to finish the Historical Society Annual Report today. Our receptionist did a proof reading and I did the correcting and emailed it back so she could print out a copy and one of the board members who is an English major can read it and I will do the final correcting. I'd like to give it to the board members tomorrow night at our board meeting.

Ardmore went to pick up the drills that he had purchased earlier this year. It is hard to believe that it is almost time to start spring seeding. I am hopeful that the weather holds up and we can get the crop in and then it rains when we need it. Today was a very nice day, although quite windy. Tomorrow is suppose to be in the 60s.

Time to read some scriptures and get some sleep.

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