Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cabin Fever after about 3 weeks

Well, this week I suffered from cabin fever. I went to town with Ardmore a couple of days. I really needed a pedicure! What is it about having a pedicure that makes a woman feel so feminine? It must be the color of the nails! Just soaking my feet and being pampered was wonderful.

The next day, Ardmore had an appointment so I went to the museum for about an hour. I had finally completed the historical society newsletter and it was ready to be printed. A couple of our faithful volunteers were there and we did a quick proof read. I ran off 200 copies. On Friday, our receptionist completed copying the rest, prepared them so a couple of board members could labeld and stamp them. It always feels so good to get the newsletter out. This is our fifth quarterly newsletter.

I feel there has been great strides since my surgery. I am a little sore on my upper thigh this evening, but perhaps I have done too much today. I added leg raises to the exercises this am and did two sets of 25 on the right leg. I couldn't do them this evening. The staples come out on Monday, then on Wednesday, I start physical therapy. Monday will be three weeks since surgery. It is surprising how quickly time goes by. I hope to throw the walker away within the next week of two.

Michelle went to Stanislaus on Friday for her entry testing for acceptance into their music school next fall. She is still not sure if is she wants to go there or to Sacramento. She went to Breanne's last night and enjoyed it so much. She said Damen is absolutely adorable. She took lots of photos of Damen. I hope she emails us some.

Brian and I visited on the phone a bit today. He was at the salon waiting for a color to set . He seems to be busy every time I call, which is good. He was going to an opening at an art gallery with a friend this evening. I talked with James earlier in the week. He has been taking an instrument class for flying last weekend and again this weekend. He has definitely not given up on flying for the Air Force.

We watched church general conference today. We have general conference from Salt Lake twice a year, the first weekend in April and October. The head of our church, President Gordon B. Hinckley, passed away in January at age 97. He never seemed that old, he had such vigor and vitality. Today in a Solemn Assembly we raised our hands to sustain the new a president/prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, his councilors, one new apostle, new Young Women's Presidency, and several changes in the Quorum of the Seventy. A Solemn Assembly is held when a prophet passes away and a new prophet is sustained by the members of the church.

I hear Ardmore driving in so it is time to close and visit with him.

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