Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Recovery equals having staples removed and going to PT

We took the Volkswagen to my doctor appointment in Grand Forks on Monday. Not a good thing to do. The VW has bucket seats with wings that are pretty high and small. I am use to driving a Mercury Grand Marquis with comfy leather seats. The VW also had cloth seats. When one has hip surgery it is nice to be able to slide on the seats, couldn't do that in the VW. The wings were very uncomfortable and by the time we got home after the two hour drive to GF and the two hour return trip, I was sore! All in all, it was a good trip though, my staples were removed and I can drive. I return to work on April 29 for half days. My next doctor appointment is on May 20.

Today is my first time at physical therapy. I am a bit apprehensive as I don't know what they will expect me to do. Dr. Schall told me not to overdo in PT, to watch my pain level. Mickie and I are going to lunch before PT and then I'm meeting some friends for ice cream at DQ after that. I hope it isn't too much.

I have been working on the historical society annual report this week. I am glad I have an outline. It makes it easier as add the information. Our staff is a wonderful help. She emails me all the info I need, such as the statistics.

The Minnesota 150 Northwest MN Consortium project is coming right along. They do need teh RCHS photos and information for the book. I will need to stop at the museum today and see that that is taken care of also. We have made many changes and additions as we have organized the exhibit. Tamara has set it up and is very excited about it. I can hardly wait to see it. She sail in an email today, that she had ideas for the next exhibit. Whoopee! We have had a great time putting it together. It has been a wonderful opportunity for us all.

I'm also very excited about our Women's History Month for 2009. This will be the first year that we have tackled that program. I was so fortunate to find a wonderful person to volunteer to Chair the program. She has organized a committee of great women who I have such admiration for. They will do a wonderful job.

10:30 pm

This day has gone by way too fast. PT was good, I know more about the 50% weight rule and how to use it correctly. I received several new exercises to do each day. It will now take about a 1/2 hour for each set and she wants me to do at least three sets a day. Not bad, especially if I am able to see progress. She felt that a month of PT would probably be enough.

I went back to the museum after meeting with my friends and checked out our exhibit photos for the 150 project. Britt will put them on a disk tomorrow along with the write ups. I need to contact the hockey hall of fame in Eveleth to get the rest of the info that I need on one of the photos. Seems like we are always busy with something!

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