Saturday, April 12, 2008

Patience is a virtue I don't have enough of

I've been to PT twice now and have about 15 different exercises to do three times a day. Each day I feel a little stronger. I do think sometimes I overdo though. Like tonight I had dropped a couple of dvds and needed to pick them up. I use the tree yoga pose to pick things up, but sometimes don't lift my leg high enough and then can feel it in my back. I have to be more observant when I pick up something. Things do seem to go well and I am impatient to advance to a cane.

I called Michelle's last night. I really didn't think she would be home, she wasn't but Leah and Bryce were. Bryce will be out on sick leave from the Coast Guard for a few months. He broke his arm just below the elbow a week ago. On Friday he had surgery. The CG doctors put a plate on the bone to hold it together until it heals. They told him it could be removed in about six months. Today when I called, he was in agony and was icing his arm. They must have given him a nerve block when they did the surgery so he had no pain until late in the evening and now today.

Ardmore cleaned and painted the John Deere 8650 he purchased last fall. I can tell he is anxious for spring. The only snow we have left in the yard is little patches here and there. The grass is even getting green, even though it has only been 48 for a high.

My brother and family live in Hoyt Lakes, MN. This past week they have had two snow storms. Last Saturday through Monday they received 24 inches and then yesterday they had another 6 - 10 inches. Minnesota had a band of snow that started just west of Fargo and ran from about Grand Forks to south of Fargo all the way to Duluth. We were so lucky, no a flake dropped here.

Yesterday, I stopped at the museum prior to my PT appointment. I have been working on the Annual Report for the historical society and needed some info. I forgot to get one thing but haven't checked my home computer for it yet. Hope that it is there, then I will be done and all it will need is editing.

I called Brian this afternoon, we have been playing phone tag lately. He had the day off and was running errands. Told me it was the most beautiful day, about 90. He said he had been berating himself because he thought he should be working at the salon but then realized the day was a blessing to have off and was going to enjoy it. Good for him!

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