Friday, April 18, 2008

What a last few days

On Tuesday I went into the museum at about 3 pm thinking I would get some work done before the board meeting. That, of course, never goes as planned. Our receptionist was out ill I ran a little late so that complicated things a little. I had just enough time to get the board meeting info ready. The board approved the annual report with some editing changes. The meeting when well and we are ready for our annual meeting on Saturday night. It will be very interesting to see what our attendance will be due to the many activities in Roseau and area this weekend. There is a home and boat show, a quilt show, a non-denominational Christian Woman's Conference in Warroad, a fundraising church dinner for someone, and the list goes on. Normally we would do this one week earlier but there was a wedding last week so we ended up one week later.

Our receptionist was ill on Wednesday again, and so was I. I came down with some kind of a intestinal track flu that really put me out. On Thursday I felt a little better and decided to go in PT and copy all the annual reports for Saturday's meeting and do a bank deposit. I get the annual reports copied. I tried to locate people to put up chairs was didn't have the luck I needed; our STS crew leader is off this week. I turned it over to a board member in the evening and had a good report on that this evening.

Just as I was about to start the deposit I felt very faint. Due to the 90 degree rule I couldn't put my head between my legs and ended up just leaning back in my office chair and calling one of the volunteers on the voicemail to bring me a cold cloth. I was out when she arrived and my staff called 911. Needless to the rest of day was spent in ER with several tests being run. They all came out ok in the end. Ardmore and I headed home and within a half hour I was deathly sick again.

Today it is Ardmore's time to be sick, and I think he is worse than I was. But then maybe men just react more demonstratively when they are ill. Women always have to be in control when there is an illness in the family so they can take care of everyone. I am suppose to give a talk in church on Sunday. I can see that is not going to happen with both of us this ill. I can't see that happening. All that seems to keep my stomach and lower gi at bay is rice water, bananas and rice. This is not fun.

I am listening to accuradio's 60s music on the internet right now. Accuradio has the most comprehensive music selection I have seen on the internet. They cover everything: jazz, country, classical, etc, plus they have the best selection of Christmas music. You pick it and it plays. It has something for everyone.

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