Sunday, April 20, 2008

Recover from hip replacement is work

I thought it would be good to mention some of the most important things that I have learnt about recovering from hip replacement.
1. Do your exercises. Do all that PT advises.
2. When in pain take the medicine, try to take it before it gets too bad. Remember the meds are only there for a temporary time, you won't allow yourself to get addicted.
3. Rest when you feel tired. One of the nicest things about the hip replacement was that I was able to sleep at night and not wake up with back pain every 1/2 hour. Now I can sleep almost through the night, unless nature calls.
4. Find some things to keep you occupied the first 2 -3 weeks when you are pretty much bed ridden. Remember Netflix has loads of movies that come straight to the home or can be downloaded and watch on your laptop. There are also those tv shows you have missed, like ER, check them out on the internet also. Make sure you have some good magazines and a book or two. You won't be doing any quilting!
5. Be prepared to keep yourself well. Avoid anyone who is ill, your resistance is lowered. I know this flu was awful, I am still recovering. I probably would not have gotten it before my surgery.
6. Expect periods of depression or feeling helpless. This is part of the program and as you recover and get out among people, this improves.

That said, this hip replacement is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. I know I will now be without the awful pain and be able to do more.

Neither Ardmore or I were able to go to church today. I haven't been to church for about 5 weeks. Next week I hope to attend, then I start work the next day for half days.

I hear the historical society annual meeting went well last evening, with a good attendance. The speaker, a former Roseau County Sheriff was entertaining and informative. People inquired about several things which gave him the opportunity to give more information about things that happened during his 28 years of service. I am really discouraged about not being able to attend, but this flu was not something to hand out at a community meeting!

A friend gave me an excellent book to read on Thursday, The Star Garden. It takes place in Arizona during the early twentieth century. It is suppose to be a fiction book with stories about the author's grandmother. Told in the first person, it has been a delight to read. Just what I need when I am design the 2008 Minnesota History Contest, a good book! :>)

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