Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It ain't spring yet...but

Well the snow disappeared by last Wednesday but is remains a little chilly. I went for a walk on Friday but almost froze. I had not taken any gloves and ended up putting my hands up my sleeves to keep them warm. Then yesterday I walked for about 3/4 mile and it went pretty well, not so cold. That was the longest I have walked so far. I do anywhere up to 3/4 mile on the step abductor machine almost daily so that is a big help also.

Today we proof read the Minnesota History contest and printed out the student copies. About three of the teachers sent their student's names to us via email also. We are still waiting for the other four to send theirs. I thought we would only have six and we have seven attending schools. I hope to invite more school next year, now that all Minnesota schools teach Minnesota history in sixth grade. Thursday is our test day. When I called Border Bank in Badger for the saving bonds donation, I was pleased to hear that their president would like to participate again. That is such good pr for the historical society and the sponsors.

Oil is at the highest price it has ever been today, $122 a barrel. Gas will be about $3.70 tomorrow in Roseau. Our family members in California are paying close to $4.25 now. The American dollar is also at one of its lowest levels. The talk is that it is what is contributing to the price of oil. With mortgage foreclosures at an all time high, gas as high as it is, and then the price of grain so high, it is a wonder anyone can pay for living costs. I am sure that is one of the reasons why the Democrats are doing so well, that and the Iraq war. Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton are close contestants for the Democratic presidency ticket, but Obama is ahead. Today was a big day for Obama, he took North Carolina. Although Clinton is ahead in Indiana, it is too close to call tonight. By morning we will know where Indiana stands. McCain has sewed up the Republican convention. I am very curious as to who his running mate will be. I would like to see someone with values and business sense like Mitt Romney.We'll see.

Well tomorrow is another big day at work. We will try to complete the final posters for the consortium so I can take them down on Thursday pm.

Mother's Day is just around the corner. I always have a very hard time on Mother's Day with our children so far away. They always send me flowers and wonderful cards; call and tell me they love me, but I would just love to have them here with me for that weekend. I was reading an article in a magazine about Mother's Day and it hit the nail on the head. I will have to see if I can find it as there were some key words for family members. If I find it I will enter it in here.

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