Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tours and Scavenger Hunts

This has been an incredibly busy week at the museum. This week the student tours began in earnest, with four classes this morning in about 2 hours. We took the Key Ingredients: Roseau County by Food scavenger hunt and did a little revising. It went very well. My assistant picked out two to three items in each area (Land of Plenty, Home Cooking, Fesivals and Fests, Dynamic Delivery, and Local Flavors) and she add about 5 more fun tidbits in case we needed them. The teachers loved it! It is such a relief when they like what we do.

We started on the Bill and Maggi Adams collection again this week. Yesterday I pulled out three boxes and had a volunteer start on the smaller items and pulled out the scrapbooks for the two volunteers I call the Sister Chicks, both are in their late seventies or early eighties and do such a wonderful job cataloging. They enjoyed going through Maggi's scrapbooks so much they worked until almost 4 o'clock. I had to take one scrapbook back to my office and check it out as Maggi had conversed with the Pulitzer Prize winning author Marc Connelly for over 15 years. The letters were a wonderful show of friendship and affection. She also conversed with Norman Rockwell. She was so much more than we ever could imagine. Her artwork is a joy to look at, with such a variety of styles.

Ardmore seeded the last field today. I am sure he is relieved. All that he has to do to complete the seeding, is pack the soybeans with the packer. Within a couple of weeks, he will be spraying. He took the spray coup into Farm Service (now Titan Equipment) for repair as he couldn't get it started. They have it ready so I am thinking tomorrow he will pick it up. The wheat is starting to come up in the rows too.

I took my Mercury into the shop today. The windows and the cruise are not working right, the front end made a clunk, and the blinker wouldn't blink correctly. Most of the things were minor but the window and the cruise needed repair. Ardmore didn't believe me about the cruise, so he had to try it and of course, for him it worked. It is no good unless it works for me and he had these hands with thumbs and fingers that are three times bigger than mine. Of course, it would work for him! So now what, I have to suffer with the car and not have it work for me? I will have to have the guys at Ford show me why it doesn't work for me but works for him.

Yesterday was my two month check up. Everything went very well. He told me that I was doing very well and was a post child for hip replacement! A Poster Child, at 64, wonderful! Today I went to physical therapy to work out, first time this week. I have had to walk at home lately as I haven't had time to work out on the machines. It really felt good to hit the Nautilus.

Time to hit the sack, we have five tours of second graders tomorrow. Life will be very busy!

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