Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The School Year and Spring Wind-down

This is the last week of student tours. We had forty first grade students from the Greenbush/Middle River Schools in today. Tomorrow we will have one third grade class from Roseau. Although we invited the rest of the third grade classes to come in, they decided not to and asked if they could come in and do the scavenger hunt in the fall. Hopefully by then we will have finished the new exhibit designs and will be on our way to the Minnesota Sesquicentennial exhibits. Last week was so busy, it is good to see it wind down.

I always worry about funding, especially for exhibit designing. The Key Ingredients exhibits really caught people's attention and we were fortunate to be able to find funders that covered all of our expenses. I guess it just takes faith and if we do it the way we did last year, funding shouldn't be a problem.

I have had some pain in my hip these past couple of days. I think I over did on Saturday! We had six to seven acres to mow and I started mowing at about 9 am and finished around 11:30, except for an area where Ardmore had the truck that holds our drill hoppers. Once he moved the truck, he decided to mow there, which was a nice relief. I fixed us some lunch. He had used the neighbor's roller packer to pack the soybean field in the early morning, about 6 so was quite hungry when he came in. Tired too, he headed to bed for a nap right after he ate. I went to town and picked up some more flowers for my container gardens. I also did a little grocery shopping. Arriving home meant more work, I wanted to get those plants into the pots TODAY, all 19 pots and I did! By the time I finished, the sky looked like it might rain and the grass clippings were in rows that didn't look too pretty so those had to be swept off too. It is so great to have a lawn sweep, it takes so little effort to pick up the grass and make the yard look better. By that time I needed to go for a walk and stretch out the muscles that I had cramped up sitting on the lawn mower. It sure was nice to enjoy the deck and the flower pots and drink some cold water after the walk.

Yesterday dawned cool and rainy. Memorial Day services were held in the high school auditorium/gym and a nice crowd was in attendance. The Roseau High School Advanced History class of Aaron Nelson's had spent much time video taping and documenting about 12 WWII veterans. They compiled a documentary called "A Soldier's Song" from the interviews. It was very moving. The class had put together binders with all of the soldier's taped interviews and presented them to each vet and also presented one to me for the historical society. This will be a lasting tribute to these veterans who served in WWII. I can see family's coming in to see the video in the mini theater. Aaron also said that they planned to record several DVDs for the historical society to sell as several people were interested in obtaining a copy - a very nice gesture on the part of the students and Aaron. They will sell for $10 each.

Ardmore went into the doctor today for his stuffy nose. He thinks he has a sinus infection which is causing terrible headaches. About three weeks ago he saw an ear, nose, and throat specialist; the same one who had removed polyps from his nose several years ago. He says Ardmore has polyps again. Ardmore doesn't want surgery so decided to ask for some prednisone and antibiotics. The doctor gave him some today. I hope they help.

My surgery recovery is basically going very well even with a little pain. Yesterday at the Memorial Day service , I walked off without my cane a couple of times, including when I went to receive the WWII veteran binder. I felt I walked fairly well. My left knee caused me to have a painful walk sometimes. It was not too good this morning but is better after I worked out tonight. Interesting. I can't extend my knee back flat anymore. I think it is a spur on the tibia. I hope Dr. Schall looks at my xrays and can tell if that is the case. My knee clicks and catches, probably on the cartilage. Such is the part of wearing out as one gets older.

Our children spent the weekend off in all different directions, except for Michelle and her family. Brian text me from New York City where he went for 8 days of vacation. James and another fellow rented two sail boats and headed for Catalina Island with friends. Michelle had Breanne and Josh's baby for a couple of days while they did some things alone and she was going to do some gardening. After Breanne picked up Damen yesterday, Michelle , Leah and Bryce went to see the new Indiana Jones movie. I told them to use my credit card and enjoy everything, popcorn, pop and the whole ball of wax. I just wish I was there to go with them.

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances."- Martha Washington

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