Monday, May 12, 2008

Seed Time and Rain

It seems like when one finally gets into the field in the spring, the mist and rain begins. Ardmore cultivated on Friday and seeded on Saturday and a little yesterday after church. We knew that rain was coming for today and tomorrow, the Internet satellite signalled rain also. So today he will catch up on some must needed sleep.

All does not go well on the farm when the season begins. He had purchased press drills this spring. He is not too sure he wants to go with an air seeder yet, we have a variety of soils from gumbo to a lighter mix. In comparing the old and new, they are the same size, John Deere green, but this one has an attached transport and markers. I wonder how he likes the markers? I sure would, perhaps they would help me stay straight when I seeded. Just getting use to the way the transport operated was new. He forgot to request the book from the owner, so it was lets try this and that and finally the wheels were down or up and it was time to roll. Well he has about 90 out of our 400 acres seeded. We will be able to see how this rain affects the gumbo field we seeded on highway 89. I hope he will consider having me do some cultivating this spring.

The lawn had reached the point where someone really had to attack it so I put on my duds and headed for the JD rider, just to see if it was possible to mow without back or hip pain. It went wonderfully. I will not do the ditches yet. I divided the lawn into two days, we have about 6-7 acres to mow with a 5 foot mower. It went very well and I feel like I was one more step closer to recovery.

Last week, Dr. Schall's office gave me permission to go on the tread mill. So now I have graduated to that also. I feel like each day my recovery is better and better. I have noticed a little back pain once in a while so I plan to find out if he gave me a Kenalog shot following surgery. I sure hope not.

Last week was so busy at work. The Minnesota History Contest went very well. Seven school participated, which meant that 21 students took the test. The Warroad sixth grade class of Ron Tviet came in first, second, and third, something that seems to have happened every year except last year. It is great to see the students strive so hard to come to this test. Each year the students do better and better. This year, out of about 215 questions, the top person had only 58 wrong. Yes, it is a very hard test, and tries their thinking ability.

I also was able to complete the final photos and poster for the consortium. Tamara met me half way at Grygla to pick them up. I am anxious to see the exhibit and plan to head to Thief River Falls and see it at the Englestad Arena where it will be for their "Capital for a Day". I guess I had better check the kickoff times for that. Now it is time to focus on our exhibits!

Thoughts on Mother's Day. I always have a very hard time on Mother's Day. With no one near to visit me, I look at it so differently. This year was a little easier for some reason though. The phone calls arrived, several times a day in fact. Michelle's card was on time and I know the others are on their way. Each one of them is busy but they all remembered to call and send a card. Perhaps I am getting more understanding.

A Mother's Day thought from the Spring 2008 issue of Thrivent Magazine:

Hello Mom!
"Many moms like nothing more than a child's phone call on Mother's Day.
An grown-up kids know it. In years past, the holiday has been the busiest Sunday of the year for telephone volume, according to the Pew Research Center. To make you call home to Mom extra special this year [well next year]:

Share a Memory
Remind your mother of a particular meaningful moment, day or time you once spent with her. Then explain why it sticks out in your mind.

Show Gratitude
Tell your mom that you appreciate her, both for the role she played in raising you and now that your relationship has grown up.

Give Thanks
Before you hang up, thank your mom for one thing-big or small-that she's done for you during the year.

Say, "I Love You!"
Perhaps no words will ring more sweetly."

Now doesn't that just say it all? thanks Thrivent for the inspiration!

James is contemplating purchasing a yacht to live on. I find this very interesting. I, myself, can't imagine living on a yacht, but he looks at life differently. I guess each generation does. I will say the ones he showed me online were quite nice. They reminded me a travel trailer though. Perhaps, that is where the travel trailer design came from.

Brian was busy doing hair for a movie set at a house. Michelle and Dave were home doing odds and ends and watching a movie. Breanne was tending to Damen and Josh. Josh had gone rafting with friends and stepped on something sharp in the water and ended up getting 7 stitches.

Well, I hear Ardmore is up and about so I think I will go and get some breakfast on.

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