Friday, March 28, 2008

Various problems and successes

I have had some problems off and on the last couple of days with my right tush and right groin and thigh area. Then at night, if I wake up, I sometimes find my body doesn't want to cooperate. It is stiff and feels heavy. Perhaps it is the meds. I am taking Hydrocodol every three hours when needed and especially at night. I am not taking any anti-inflammatory medication for my arthritis and wonder if that may not be contributing to it also. I woke up tonight at about 3:30 pm and wasn't as bad. I had cut back to half of a dose of the Vicadin. Hope that helps. I also find I have had some "Stephen King" type of dreams and attribute that to the meds. None tonight though.

Ardmore and I redid my dressing again today. I look almost healed, have had no discharge since the beginning to speak of. I also took a shower and we washed my bedding. Just climbing into a clean bed felt wonderful.

The exercises are a going fairly well, with the exception of some of the groin and tush pain. I am looking forward to physical therapy and wonder when that will start. I notice some people go to rehab straight from the hospital, not I. I was handed a set of exercises to do at home. I am going to ask when I will start physical therapy.

Michelle called this evening. She has an audition for the California State University-Stanislaus' music school next week and had the opportunity to practice for 3 hours in the afternoon. I think she says she has three years left. She has also applied at Sacramento State.

I think I will see if sleep is still evasive.

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