Sunday, March 23, 2008

No pain & sleep at last!

Surgery was on Monday and seems to have gone well. I was released Friday and when I got home took to the bed, James’ bed, it was the closest to the ground. That was ok for that first night. On Saturday, I recognized it was not close enough and Ardmore tried to help me get into bed, his help was more of a hindrance than a help. He proceeded to design a platform so I could get into the downstairs bed. I go up one-step to get onto it but it works.

So far, there is no back pain. I do not suffer from sleep deprivation anymore. I am not sure if I should say the pills are the help or the surgery and will wait to make any permanent declarations on that after I have healed more, in another once up and walking and sitting in the living room limbers me. Doing the leg exercises were easier after that.

Ardmore is a good provider as long as I don’t ask for much. Yesterday I made an omelet, but I think I will let him do most of the cooking.


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