Tuesday, March 4, 2008

It's a Beginning!

This is something I have wanted to do for some time. It is a bit intimidating but anything of value usually is.

Although this is not where I imagined I would live, here we are in Northwest Minnesota on a farm. We farm 815 acres on which we raise wheat, canola, soybeans, barley and sometimes grass seed. My husband, Ardmore retired in 1997 about 3 months before our youngest son graduated from high school. I suddenly was released from driving the tractor so much. Now I focus on hauling grain during harvest, the bookwork, and the miscellaneous things necessary to make the farm run smoothly; such as being the gopher when parts are needed.

Ardmore's retirement has also left me with more time to devote at my off farm job. I work as the curator/director for the Roseau County Historical Society. It is a rewarding and enjoyable opportunity to do a variety of things and meet the public.

Plus I get to visit our children and grandchildren. We have three children who all live in sunny California; a daughter, Michelle, and two sons, Brian and James. Michelle has three children, Breanne, Leah, and Bryce. We were recently blessed with our first great-grandchild. Our granddaughter Breanne had a sweet little boy, Damen. I had the great pleasure of holding him and spoiling him a bit after the New Year.

Our precious little Damen

Proud Daddy

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