Saturday, March 15, 2008

Daffodil Days

All I can say is, after washing, folding, putting away three loads of clothes, and cooking some chicken, I am exhausted. I cannot believe how pain debilitates and drains a person of strength and endurance. And keeps one from getting a good night sleep.

One thing I really need to tackle tonight is the office. It is so overwhelmingly cluttered right now. It is interesting to read that. I had just cleaned it last weekend and here it is looking messy again. Is that the way it is with busy people, we have time to work but not clean up the mess? Well my office at work is sure going to please me when I go back to work. Everything is so neat now. I went through my files, everything that needed to be filed, went out on my staff's desk for her to take care of :) and everything else either went into the trash or into the right file. Of course, I didn't leave work until 9:00 pm, but knowing that I won't be there for about a month made a big difference.

Our daffodils were delivered last Monday. I have purchased daffodils for our staff, during the local cancer sale, for several years now. It always amazes me how quickly they open, one night we go home and they are tight buds, the next morning they are smiling on the desks. Lovely! Such a wonderful sign that spring is soon coming.

It was like spring this week; we had sun and about 35 plus a couple of days. So nice that when I went to Cenex to get lunch yesterday, I ate my chicken burrito in the car instead of inside somewhere. Chicken burritos from Cenex are delish, and not expensive either.

10 pm

Michelle has little Damen this weekend while Breanne and Josh get some personal time together. Breanne said they are going to Sacramento. Michelle sounded like she was really enjoying the baby. I just wish I lived closer.

The new baby furnishings are different from when my children were babies, much nicer and most complimentary to childcare. Damen has a portable crib, like a playpen with a height adjustment and diaper changer on it, I was very impressed with it. Michelle said they also have a vibrator for the crib to sooth the baby when he sleeps. I had bought my nephew a baby swing with all the bells and whistles, which she gave back to me to give to Breanne. So cute, plays several songs and has lights and some action.

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