Friday, March 14, 2008

Tying up loose ends...

Yesterday, one of our board members and I began working on the newsletter. We would like to see it out by April 1 so we can get it in the mail to our members. We have the annual meeting of the Roseau County Historical Society on April 19. I hope I feel well enough to attend on that day. Today will be another day of tying up loose ends.

Michelle called yesterday morning to ask if I would like her to come home. I thought that a very nice gesture, but know that she uses her spring breaks as catch up of homework so told her not to. Ardmore gave me some second thoughts about her homecoming, so I called her last night and we discussed it again. Still decided not to have her come. I hope my recover for the first month is good and will be easy for Ardmore. It is just before spring work so I need to get in good shape quick.

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