Tuesday, March 11, 2008

If the time on your watch stops does that mean that time is standing still?

9:00 am - We set the clocks ahead on Sunday am so yesterday my watch was losing time during the day, it stopped working at 3:15 this morning. If the clocks all stopped would we be on hold during that time? Don't you feel like there at times when you would just like to see the perfect day go into a hold cycle and stay there? (Well not indefinitely but for a reasonable period.)

The museum staff is busy working on labels for a traveling exhibit for the Minnesota’s Historic Northwest consortium. The consortium received a $5,000 grant to put together a historical exhibit of 150 photographs that tell the story of NW Minnesota from past to present. We are also going to produce a photo book. It has taken way more time than I thought it would. Then we decided to change the large label format. I have only a few days to completed my part as much as possible.

11:00 pm - What a wild day. I decided to go in late because I had a historical society board meeting this evening. At 10:00 this morning, my reminder alarm went off on my cell phone. I had an appointment in 5 minutes with the orthopedic surgeon and I was 20 minutes away from the clinic! Of course, I called and told them I was going to be late. I ended up only about 15 minutes late and then waited for the doctor for at least a half hour, thank goodness there were others who arrived early.

I felt very good about the surgery after talking to my doctor. Dr. Schall works out of the Bone and Joint Clinic in Grand Forks, North Dakota. His training is what first impressed me (I always look at the doctor’s certificates when I visit their offices). His residency was at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for 5 years in the orthopedic department before coming back to his home town of Grand Forks. The next thing that impressed me was his “bedside manner”. He took all the time necessary to answer any of my questions. Then I went home and looked up everything I could and studied hip replacement. Today, he answered the final questions I had. I guess I am as ready as possible to have hip replacement. Ardmore is more worried than I am. He is a pessimist by nature, although he calls himself a realist. If anyone wants worry about something, talk to him, he will help you worry!

At 11:45, I finally got to work and started on the consortium posters. When I finally think I like something and then change my mind, someone else changes their mind about something. I had about 22 messages on my email this morning and at least 15 were from the group. Boy was I ready for my massage at 1:15! Picked up some lunch after the massage and headed back to the museum.

At 4:30, I had a newsletter or program meeting, depending on who showed up. We did the program committee. Our board meeting started five and ended at about 6:45. I worked until 8 on some business the board had passed so it wouldn’t be hanging over me in the morning. The consortium group is coming at 10 and I knew I wouldn’t get it done if I waited. Working in a museum is never boring, there is just not enough time in a day to get it all done.

I forgot to mention that last week Lakeland Public Television was in and filmed our recovery from the 2006 flood. It was shown on the news last night. I missed it but saw it on their website. We have had lots of coverage these past few day, tv and radio both!

Oh, oh, it is 11:30, time for some shuteye.

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