Friday, July 11, 2008

Time to go home...

Recovery is better than I thought so far. I have walked several times with the walker. The hour and a half drive home may not be very comfortable. I also would like to stop purchase some groceries.

A new roommate has been checked in. she is from Greenbush and had TKR done by Dr. Schall. She has 12 children and had children waiting for her to come out of recovery. Nice lady, 74 years old. I hope her recovery goes well. One of her daughters works at the Karlstad Care Center so she should be in good hands.

Later - Home at last

Tough ride home. Sore knee but did buy groceries. Forgot the meds at the hospital so need to take care of that in the morning. Called Dean Mattson and asked what could be done. Mattson's has only four of the Lovenox but he will see about getting more on Monday. I'm very tired so will head to bed.

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