Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another beautiful day

This morning I had my second appointment for physical therapy or Pain and Torture as my therapist calls it. Monday was tough and today was no better but there was an increase in knee mobility which was good. Each time, it will improve. Today, I decided to try and put the teds on. I didn't know if I would be able to do this earlier so opted out of wearing them but after all the suffering of the week, decided perhaps it was worthy of a try. They went on well and I did it myself! If I can't wear them at night, I will at least try to wear them during the day.

I feel like such a whoose. My knee pain and the bruise caused me some concern and so I called Dr. Schall's office in GF. I ended up calling two times, the first call was not returned until yesterday am but the second call, which I made later in the day on Tuesday I spoke with his receptionist who talked to him about my concerns. I had more concerns when I talked to his other nurse the next morning. Well, about 8 pm last night, Dr. Schall called and after talking to him for about 15 minutes, I felt much better. He has the most wonderful way to make you understand and feel. The best bedside manner I have ever seen in a doctor. I feel very fortunate to have been that lucky to have had Dr. Anderson decided I couldn't wait any longer to see a hip doctor and made the initial call and set me up with Dr. Schall at Bone and Joint. I know I will be happy with the results of my knee, I just need patience!

After PT, I did some grocery shopping. No, I didn't walk, I rode the cart, zooming up and down the isle like I was in a go cart! Another woman was in her remote control wheel chair and I challenged her to a race, which we didn't do, of course. To end the morning I call a friend and asked her if she was ready for lunch at DQ. Yum!

My brother and wife are coming up the beginning of August to spend a day at the race track in Winnipeg. My sister-in-law loves going there and it is both of their birthdays so the timing is right.

Ardmore is almost done with the installation of the hopper under the bin. I am so proud that he was able to install this alone. It is quite a job for a 74 year old, he has climbed in the small square hole at the bottom over 70 times to bolt things together or do other projects. Not an easy job of a young person, much less a man his age.

10 things I love about living Northwest Minnesota this summer:
  1. The greenness of all of the trees and grass
  2. The lushness of the crops (wheat, barley, canola, soybeans, sunflowers, and oats)
  3. The fresh smell after a rain
  4. The beauty of my flowers on the deck
  5. The wind as it spins its melody in the trees
  6. Eating breakfast on the deck in the early morning
  7. Riding the six-wheeler
  8. Walking to the Roseau River on a cool evening
  9. Listening to the birds when they first awake in the morning
  10. The peacefulness quietness of country living

Thought for the day:

A favorite poem I would quote to our son James when he was little and we would be going somewhere at night and the moon was only a sliver:

The Moon's the North Wind's cookie
He bites it, day by day
Until there's but a rim of scraps
That crumble all away.

The South Wind is the baker
He kneads clouds in his den,
And bakes a crisp new moon
that ...greedy.... North.... Wind ....eats....again!"

What the Little Girl Said"
Vachel (Nicholas) Lindsay, 1879-1931.

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