Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quiet Day

Sudays often are the only days that one finds time to rest. With so much going on this next week I had to check on many last minute details. I realized that there was one more day for the Roseau County Fair so had to get people to cover for that time. I added the family reunion onto Flickr and sent the info on to our family. That was a great family reunion. I had only seen my Uncle Bill, my father's half brother, one other time. We always sent time visiting by the campfire at night and between me and my cousins, we convinced our aunts to sing which got us all singing together. My grand parents children could sure harmonize. All in all the weekend had been a very enjoyable one. We probably will not all be together for a couple of years now. My aunt Bernadette passed away this past winter and my Uncle Bob is not very well, neither are Renee and Bryce. I guess we are not staying young!

I have some last minute packing to do before tomorrow. Haven't talked to the kids today either. Hummm.

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