Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bin Hopper

Ardmore's bin hopper arrived this week so today he went to Steinbach to pick up the crane to so he could set the bin on the hopper. When I came home, he had already taken the bin off the and put the hopper in place. Tomorrow we will be busy putting the bin on top of the hopper. That takes more than two people but we will have to do the best we can as he is too stubborn to ask any one at church to help. He has been through this two other times so it should be alright.

My daily walk took me to the end of Johnson's dike south of the bridge tonight.about 1.25 miles from home. I find walking is theraputic as well as good exercise. I took the cane in case I get tired but walking with it is actually harder work, besides I can walk faster without it.

While walking I listened to Creedence Clearwater Revival's CD Chronicle, Vol. 1 with Proud Mary, Green River, Lodi, Down on the Corner and every good song they ever recorded. They have to be one of my all-time favorite singing groups. They just make one want to move! I love the mp3 player, it is so easy to handle. I sure needed the fan when got home and a cool shower!

The mosquitoes weren't the worse once I sprayed this evening. They are like vultures waiting for something to die so they can get their fill if one doesn't have any deet on.

Brian has of his products now for his new business. The website is up and running. He is about ready to roll with this new business. He talked to Ardmore last night about it. It is exciting for him to set out to do something like this.

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