Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sleep evades again...

I woke up about 3:30 and now I am struggling to get back to sleep. I know what the problem is though. With only two more days of work before the 4th of July and then my knee replacement surgery on Monday, last minute museum items are on my mind.

I hear Ardmore moving around upstairs also, he must be having trouble sleeping also. He reads when he wakes up night. Yes, we do sleep together ...sometimes...but this is our way of handling those wake up in the middle of the night things, and the snoring (my snoring, he says), his whistling (I say). So with a king size bed upstairs and a queen downstairs it works perfectly. Except, he does wake me up if he makes too much noise upstairs. I wonder if my computer tapping is heard upstairs?

Am I ready for knee replacement? That is a question that has been haunting me since I started having this stiff hip problem. Well it is too late to step out of it now. I have already had the preop physical and everything is in place to complete the job. I hear that the stiffness does dissipate after a while so that is my hope.

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