Friday, July 25, 2008

Kids moving home

I read in the Thrivent Magazine (yes, you can have a life insurance policy through Thrivent for Lutherans if you are a Mormon) that twenty-eight percent of adults 18-24 live with their parents. The reasons stated were financial and the family closeness. It was great to hear that family closeness is the second reason, this means that parents and children gain an appreciation of one another as they get older. And as one parent put it. "We both wanted to help...get off to a good start."

When does one stop counseling their children? I believe when they no longer listen until they request your counsel. It is hard to not give advise, especially when you have walked down the road and can look back. You already see what has worked, you already have friends who are older and have done things that caused them problems and see the reasons and the errors. We as parents would like to prevent our children from making mistakes but they usually don't want our counsel. So what do you do when they go ahead and do something that your intuition tells you is a mistake and the situation turns sour for them? Just go on, no I told you so, no what did you learn from this. Just continue your support and show forth more love, after all they too will some day be your age and will have had many experiences to draw from.

This morning when I checked the temperature for Roseau, Valley Springs CA, and Los Angeles each zone was very close; Roseau - 64, VS - 63. and LA 62. Michelle, in Valley Springs will be the warmest at 92 today and we will have 78. Very nice!

Ardmore has been getting the combine ready for harvest. Yesterday he took out the mower and did a couple of rounds on one of the CRP fields. He said it was very heavy. He can't do the cutting on some fields until after August 1.

Today is the last day of the Roseau Co. Fair. I went to the fair and had dinner yesterday afternoon. Ardmore is always too busy, but I am going to cajole him into going in tonight. I really enjoy the afternoon music and was able to listen to a little yesterday. I did have to run to Warroad and cash in the museum CD and also so some other banking for the museum. I guess, even when one is on a medical leave they end up working some.

Exercise time!

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