Monday, July 14, 2008


First day of phyisical therapy. It went pretty well, but I have been doing lots of exercising at home already. It is amazing how quickly one can see results. I was commenting on how surprised I was that there was not more bruising. Well that statement was squashed this evening when I decided to massage my calf because it felt sore, there was a bruise from behind my knee down to my ankle on my inner calf. No wonder there was pain there and I have been having pain in my leg and foot. This must be part of the TKR surgery, I guess.

I am walking with two canes. This seems to go very well, no corrdination problems and it is less painful to both knee and hip.

Talked to Breanne this evening, she had a weekend to herself. Josh took Damen to his grandma's home. The three of them had spent the 4th at his mother's but it had been about two months since Damen's great-grandma had seen him. He is quite a chunk, about 20 pounds. She said he loves carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and pears. That should add some muscle to his body!

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