Thursday, July 3, 2008


I just finished updating my Sparkpeople page and swatting mosquitoes. I must have brought them in on my clothes when I mowed the rest of the back yard as there are a lot in here. When I washed off the mower they were terrible! I think I must have been surrounded by at least 200. I, at least, could spray with deet and keep them at bay but when i think of what it must have been like before spray was invented, yikes! No wonder smudges pots and piles were so popular.

5 days until TKR surgery. I am nervous about the ability to climb stairs well enough. it seems my right leg just doesn't want to climb the stair very well following the hip replacement. All the walking and exercises haven't seemed to help that enough. I have even taken to climbing the stairs using the right side with hopes it would strengthen it. It has, but not enough for my desire.

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