Friday, January 29, 2010

Woman's History Month Update

Yesterday the main committee had a Woman's History Month meeting. So much was discussed I wish we would have taped it. Our major focus was publicity and event criteria. Our Grand Opening with the ribbon cutting is on Sunday, February 28 at 2 pm. At this point we have 13 women that have been selected. I will post them on the Roseau County Historical Society website this coming week. Our events are starting to come together. One can see it is getting close when we start looking at press releases!

The hubby just started my car, it was about 15 below this morning so it will need to warm up a bit. I thought I had all the groceries we needed, came home to find out that there were no eggs and I don't go back to work until Monday. That just will not do.

I started reading Becoming Olivia by Roxanne Henke yesterday. I can see this is going to be a good as After Anne. It is so rewarding to find a good author.

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