Thursday, January 7, 2010

Relief Society Visiting Teacher Conference

Becca picked me up last evening at the museum and we headed to the chapel in Swift for a visiting teaching seminar. It was such fun! We examined ways we could enhance our visiting teaching. We all made three improvement commitments. One of mine was to be more consistent in doing my visiting teaching. Then we played games and laughed and laughed. To end the evening we had homemade beef stew and chicken noodle soup, fresh baked buns, and chocolate chip cookies. What a fun and spiritual activity!

At the museum: We have been working on exhibit designing for the two upcoming exhibits. One will be open for Woman's History Month and the other is for the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit, Between Fences. Author Harl Dalstrom recently sent information on a border incident that will add to the border info display.We need to really work hard to get all of our exhibit ready. I spent some time looking at microfilm records of the 1937 Roseau Times-Region for more data.

One of things I enjoy about my job is doing research. I found several other items that were non-related that I copied and placed in files in the research center. One referred to a school district 93 fire which I added to the school file. There is an wonderful source of information in old papers.

Time to make some oatmeal and start my car before I head out to work in the -2 F weather. One nice thing is that the sun is shining!

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