Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Motorola white screen of death

Came in from the car and went to make a long distance phone call and notice I have a white screen on my cell phone. What to do! I called up my local store and asked what had happened. They told me it was the screen of death and that I should call Verizon Wireless and they would send me a new phone. I went to the internet for the phone number and noticed someone had asked that question on a forum. What the heck, check out the forum, right? After reading several I came across a forum where the person said it had happened to them and they smacked their phone and it came back on. Sure, that would correct the problem, right? But the phone did have this screen of death so I figured I wouldn't be out much if I did hit it. I WORKED! I wonder how long it will continue to work? I am going to use it until it quits but back up on contacts so they aren't lost. Hurray, a problem solved without spending any money.

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Leanne said...

Love it. Isn't it interesting how many things work better when smacked! :)