Sunday, January 10, 2010

This and that, did I cover it all?

Last Monday was "hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to work I go' after having that great Christmas in the land of the sun. It meant banking, writing for the newspaper, updating and checking on where we are on projects. This coming week will be working on projects, attending Women in Military meeting and breaking in a new temporary employee.

About three weeks ago we lost a wonderful gal who worked at the museum under a temp grant program when she made a decision to move to Montana. She will be sadly missed. The hard part of having temp employees is that they give us some wonderful service, we get to know them personally, and then they are out the door. I just hope we can teach them some useful things.

I have been down to four days a week for about a year now. I am getting use to having three days off a week although I do find I spend some of the time working. For instance, this weekend I spent several hours working on the Women in Military exhibit signage. We have about 80 individuals who have submitted information and all of this is being readied for a Women in Military Wall" in the museum. Just one of things to do for the exhibit.

Ardmore fell on the ice coming from the mail box about two weeks ago and tonight I checked his bruises and the thigh area is now clear but from his knee down he is red, black and blue, and yellow. He said he has done some massaging on his leg; it really shows how much massaging helps, as he was not good about 3 days ago. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.

James and Ashlee have about 30 days to put together their wedding and I could hear a little stress in his voice today when he called requesting some ideas on what they could do and where they should have a reception. I hope I was helpful. It has to be very hard when you have no one to help you because they all live at least 2000 miles away in Minnesota and Taiwan. Wish I or they were closer so we could be of some help.

Yup, a new "daughter" even though she is a daughter-in-law is going to be very nice. She is a very lovely woman and I am glad I was out there during Christmas to get to know her a bit prior to the wedding. I am excited about next month!

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