Saturday, August 1, 2009

So much to do

There is so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Museum Update
The fair was very successful. Britt prepared an excellent exhibit of school things which seemed to be under examination almost all the time. People loved being able to identify teachers in the 1930s photograph. Fun to see so many recognizing people from that time period.

This coming week we meet with the commissioners. We are as ready for that as we can be. I will have to highlight a few things to bring them up to date on what is upcoming in 2010.

We will be submitting a grant for a laptop for the Smart Board this coming week. I am hopeful that we will receive it. We did not receive the Hartz grant this year. Foundation dollars were not what they have been and so we were one of the grants that did not get funded, although the consortium did receive grant funding for our exhibit stands. That is a plus. We will begin research and looking for photos for this exhibit, which will be a church exhibit.

The Women in Military committee met under the leadership of Jean Vatnsdal. They seem to be doing a great job. This past week a former Badger resident, who was a colonel during the Vietnam era, brought in her information, as well as photos. She said she has several items she will donate. I look forward to designing an exhibit with her as one of the women.

Thursday I drove to a Legacy Amendment meeting in Fargo, which was quite informative. The Legacy Amendment will greatly benefit the history of our state in so many different ways. Knowing that there is a place where we can go for funding to better our organizations is going to be very beneficial.

Home & Family

It is quiet around here now that Brian has gone back to California. After spending three weeks in California it was a pleasant surprise to find out that he was coming home for his class reunion. He was here all of fair week and although we walked on the midway and everywhere else it was only on Friday evening that he saw any of his classmates. It was a quick trip, Ardmore picked him up in Fargo on Tuesday and he went home on Sunday.

Michelle has been busy during the summer. She started a sewing class and is teaching several beginning seamstresses how to do the basics. She has also had some time to do some art work. Here are a couple of examples of her work.

I requested a water color with humming birds in it. I love hummingbirds and over the years have collected plates, birds, switch plates and a variety of other items that have hummin birds on them. The last item I purchased was a lamp at an auction. I noticed the lamp but didn't realize it had hummingbirds on it so didn't bid. As the bidding began and ended on the lamps at the sale, the auctioneer determined that all lamps should go to anyone who wanted one for $25. Friends of mine purchased that lamp. As the auctioneer was handing it to them, to my surprise, he remarked that they were taking the humming bird lamp. I decided to walk over to them and look at it. It was love at first site. I told my friends that I collected hummingbirds and the husband said, "If you want it you can have it for what we paid for it." I was thrilled. When I went to turn it on at home, I couldn't find the switch and realized it was a touch lamp A touch lamp for my night stand, how could I be so fortunate!

A dear elderly friend of mine is have surgery for a tumor in her colon which was discovered during a colonoscopy this past Tuesday. She is 91, sharp as a tack and lives alone still. Pray for her.

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