Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday and all that this day is about

Today is the first day of the work week at the museum. We use to have Monday's off and worked Saturday, but now work Monday through Friday. There is a lot to do this week.

I have been trying get in touch with the tech guy at the school off and on for a month. Hopefully I can do that this morning.

One of my favorite summer recipes is such an easy one:
Take two nectarines and slice them, add one cup of blueberries and 1 cup of orange juice. Let sit over night. The crunch of the blueberries when you bite into them, the smooth nectarines and the orange juice make a wonderful contrast. Delish!

Brian bought Julie & Julia by Julie Powell for me. I started reading it about four days ago. It has some language that I am not pleased with then there is the story. I am interested if any of my friends have read it and what was their opinion. Please share what you think.

I did get in touch with Mike this morning. He gave me some splendid suggestions. I contacted a couple of people this am and will check into more tomorrow. I am hopeful we will be able to upgrade our computers to the school's cast offs now that they have purchased new ones. We are looking for computers for the research center and the registration room.For what these will be used for, the school's older computers will work just fine. I also need to complete the grant for the laptop for the Smart Board.

Hubby was picking rocks with the rock picker today and was still in the field this evening. I took a photo of the new building. It is just a plain metal machine shed and is functional, nothing special. It will serve the purpose of keeping machinery out of the elements.

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Leanne said...

I read Julie and Julia and didn't like the book at all! I was really disappointed. I had read her blog on and off as she was cooking and found that very fascinating. Wonder if the movie will be better? Meryl Streep should be a hoot as Julia Child, don't you think? Too bad when we wish for good stories and get things like that!