Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bears & Eagles

After mowing the lawn this afternoon, I decided to go visit a neighbor and then pick up the mail. We had an enjoyable hour together before I decided to head home to make some potato salad. I picked up the mail and had the radio on listening to a commentary on MPR so didn't rush into the house. I happened to look up and my hubby was standing in the patio door waving his arms trying to get my attention. I rolled down the window; he shouted there were two large bald eagles feeding on a woodchuck (he had shot it a couple of days earlier) between our shop and garage. I looked over just as one headed skyward and the other continued to feast. All I could think was camera, what a time not to have a camera. The second eagle tried in vain to pick up the woodchuck but it must have been too heavy. He then flew off too. I noticed one of them continued to come back and check out the yard but after two circles, it decided not to return. I headed for the house and picked up the camera and returned to the car where I continued to keep watch but they didn't return. Finally, I gave up and went and drove the dry lawn mower into the shop and headed back inside. It was such a spectacular thing to see in our yard!

Hubby told me tonight that he had seen a black bear walking across our field today and it went into the neighbor's woods about a mile east. I love to walk to the church in the evening; I think I will be a little more cautious walking for this fall.

I feel for the wild animals this year. We had such a cold late spring, the lilacs didn't bloom until almost the 15th of June; and many of us didn't get our crops in. I'm sure there is a lack of food in the woods. I don't know what the blueberries are like this year as I have been buying them all summer. Enough about the bears & eagles.

Why would one want to fight mosquitoes when blueberries from Maine, Michigan, California, and Canada as so plentiful and delicious? I really appreciate the farmers in these states and Canada for diversifying and making it possible for us to purchase blueberries so much these past three summers. They have become a real staple in the Haugen home, we go through at least a pint a day, just nibbling.

As a survey, I would like to know how many of you are purchasing more blueberries than you have in the past? Just go to the comment section and let me know.

Have a great Sabbath day, keep it Holy and think of our Savior often!

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