Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happenings on the farm

Life on the farm continued like I had never left when I was out to our children. I returned to see our summer fallow fields cultivated by a new, used, Cat Challenger, rocks being picked, wheat heading out, canola starting to bolt, and soybeans bushing.

At work, the fair exhibit had been well thought out by Britt, our new gal, Joan, was doing a great job with the catalog entry, and things were moving right along. I came back refreshed and ready to go. Lots of things to think about and get done. One of my upcoming projects is to work on the church exhibit, a second one is to get the photo exhibit stand completed. That will take some work but I have selected several photographs already so it is just a matter of getting things in order, doing a little research, perhaps some additional scanning, then printing and installing them. We may need some new boards for some of the panels, but foam core should work well.

I have enjoyed listening to iTunes Radio. One of the areas I always look at first is the Staff Favorites. This time it was the June 2009 selections where I found a the FM station Solo-, an all piano station with wonderful music. Very soothing and relaxing, great for the evening.

With the rain we have had lately the mosquitoes have multiplied. Ardmore rinsed the pickup off and washed the windows just before we were heading out to check fields and there must have been 200 mosquitoes surrounding the pickup. Just getting in was dangerous! We ended up swatting those buggers for about 2 miles. I only ended up with one bite. When we came back, I decided to go for a walk, before heading out the Off spray was used to saturate every area that could be bitten and then the clothing too. I escaped any bites on my two-mile hike which was a miracle.

Today I am thankful for family, total hip and knee replacement, a church where I can worship as I please, beautiful music, and my ability to see a robin slam into my bedroom window this morning, have its mate come and check on him, then watch him recover and fly away with the mate.

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