Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Julie & Julia

My Roxann and I headed for a day in "the city", meaning Winnipeg. Our goal was to see Julie & Julia, eat lunch out, go to a bulk food store and a grocery store, and do some shopping.

The traffic was light all the way although we did put up with a few trucks holding us up along the way. First place we headed was to the shops on Waverly. We walked out empty handed at Liz Claiborne and a couple of other stores but we found bargains and things that fit and looked good at Reitmans and some jewelry at another store. Summer things tended to be picked over but the fall items were on all on sale.

We were pretty hungry after that so ate at Mixin's. Roxann had a grilled chicken, vegetables and rice while I had my favorite, Chicken Souvlaki with a Greek salad. Dessert was good too, ice cream for Roxann and Oreo cheese cake for me.

After fiddling with the credit card ticket dispenser at the theater, we finally go the hang of how to use it, got the tickets, popcorn and water and headed for the movie. My friend, Donna had seen it on Saturday and when asked to rate between 1 - 10 she gave Julie & Julia an 11! We gave it a 10, should be an academy award winner for Meryl Streep, she was an excellent choice for Julia Child. The back and forth parts of movie between Julie and her husband, Eric and Julia and Paul added the perfect dimension to the movie. It was just long enough with no slow places where a person was like waiting for what would happen next. The movie was a pared down version of the book of course, but justice was done. It is a must see!

After the movie we headed out the east door into the mall and did a little more shopping before heading to Chapters to check out The Art of French Cooking. Can you believe they were out? We decided we could probably purchase it online cheaper any way. We stopped at Starbucks in Chapters and had a snack before heading for the car and the trip home. We decided to forgo going to the grocery store or bulk food store, we felt sated already! Now we are ready for a good relaxing sleep

Bon Appetite!

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