Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family time in CA

Mom came out to CA in June and July 2009. She visited with Brian and James in southern CA first, then she and James came up to visit us in Modesto. For me, the highlights of their visit was the boating trip, visiting Breanne and Damen, and going to Yosemite. Oh, and going to dinner at Chili's with Leah and also to the Olive Garden in Stockton. James took us boating at Lake Tulloch by Copperopolis. Bryce, his girl friend, and his friends James and Abby came too, and they all went wake boarding. James is very good at wake boarding, Bryce did well too. Leah joined us after she got off work and James barbequed tri-tip for us on the other side of the lake. We had a really nice time!
I think it was Tuesday that we visited with Breanne and Damen and took some fun pictures and videos playing with Damen. For me, these are some of the best parts of our visit; the videos of Mom playing with Damen with the puppet she brought and Damen sitting in my lap doing his "selective hearing" game are priceless.
On Wednesday, July 1st, we helped Leah move into her new apartment. We rented a Uhaul from the hardware store where Leah works. It was the easiest move any of us have ever done--fast and easy. In the evening, after Mom went swimming at Leah's apartment, we went to dinner at the Olive Garden, just James, Mom, Leah and I. We had such a nice time there, even if we did fight over the raspberry cheesecake.
On Thursday, July 2nd, Mom, James and I went to Yosemite in the afternoon. James brought his bike and rented one for me and we had a wonderful time riding the bike trails in Yosemite. It was beautiful! If you ever have a chance to take the bike trails in Yosemite, do it, the scenery is fantastic. Mom, I need you to email me some of the Yosemite pictures. Remember the friendly Asian fellow that took our picture? I would like to have that picture in my collection.
On Friday, Mom and James headed back to southern CA. It was a lot of fun visiting with them. We really missed having Brian and Dad, we'll have to take some time to visit with them soon, also.

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