Monday, July 20, 2009

Week at Michelle's

With our grandson Bryce going out to sea again, he is in the Coast Guard, James and I headed to my daughter Michelle's on Saturday, June 27 . I had already spent a week and a half in LA, staying at Brian's. The next week was a time to visit family in Modesto and Turlock.

Our grandson, Bryce was leaving on July 1 so we made some fast time and spent some quality time together. On Monday we headed to a reservoir to spend some time boating, swimming and wake boarding. The barbecue in the evening quenched our hunger and then it was time for a family photo.

We spend several hours at Breanne's. I wanted to see more of her but the week went by so fast. Damen is just a little ball of fire. So busy and adorable. He reminds me of the children in the nursery at church.
That too was a good time to take a 4-generation photo too. The only thing that was disappointing, was that we didn't get to visit again. As we spent the next couple of days moving Leah and then we had to head back to LA.

This is Lean in her new pad!

Many hands make work light and we had plenty of help!

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Anonymous said...

man is my face red! very bad picture of me :(