Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wet Spring on the Farm

This year reminds me of a year about 35 or 40 years ago when we lived in Hoyt Lakes. My hubby worked for Erie Mining Company at the time and farmed on his days off. Periodically at that time he had as many as 13 weeks of vacation a year, something unheard of today. This was before I became involved in the farm, we had little people at that time. Ardmore would go to the farm on his days off and during vacations to seed, harvest, and do all of the other duties involved with farming. On that spring he headed to Roseau with the intent of seeding. For nine days he waited for it to quit raining and dry up. It didn't quit until he headed back to Hoyt Lakes. Life on a farm is so unpredictable.

Here we are again, a wet spring. To date we haven't been able to even get in the field. Not only have we not been able to get in the field, we have been cold too. The fields just don't dry out under these circumstances. Last year we were completely done by May 22, we will be lucky to start seeding anything tomorrow.

One thing that has taken place this year is hauling grain.

Today a load of canola was taken to the elevator in our old GMC.
Now, if the price of grain would just become parity we could make a decent living and the farmers or their wives would be able to spend their time working on the farm not working in town as many of them do today.

The blog this year looks like a throwback from last year. This week, tours started at the museum in earnest. Today we had over 200 children visit the museum, four classes in the am and four classes in the afternoon. Whew, there were a lot of children in and out! To top it off they were exceptionally well behaved. To end the day, children towed in their parents exclaiming, "look at this, and this, and this, Mom." What enthusiasm!

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