Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday, Day of Rest

One of the blogs I follow is The Pioneer Woman.Today, she gave some instructions for making chicken strips. They sound so good, I think I will have to try them this week. I always try to have some meat in fridge for Mr. Haugen because I often work late and don't want to cook when I get home or if I do get home he tells me he has been eating all day and isn't hungry so I don't cook. The chicken strips looked like a good thing to have for him to snack on with grapes or a salad. He often will make a salad during the day. Incidentally, the Pioneer Woman's blog was one of Time Magazines picks for a top blog. Quite a feat, I think.

I have been reading two books lately, The Man who Loved China and Jury of One by David Ellis. I couldn't put down Jury of One once I started got into it. I will be glad to get into a book that doesn't leave me wondering if it is one I really should be reading so am happy to have completed it. Now to read something that is uplifting!

My talk went well enough. It is always a relief when one finishes. Preparing is always a great spiritual feed though. Like they say, the teacher learns more than the student; this is true when preparing a talk for church too.

I am preparing to present a talk in church this morning. Should I be spending time writing on my blog? Probably not, but it was time to share a delicious Weight Watchers breakfast cereal. About 4 months ago, I bought a package of the Blueberry Harvest Instant Oatmeal. Yummy! I doctor it up with milk and added a little more oatmeal and about a tablespoon of dehydrated blueberries. It probably adds an additional 3 points to the breakfast, but it is filling and delicious and adds the bulk I need. Especially after just having a colonoscopy and finding out I diverticulosis.Physicals can be too revealing. My brother and I both have this problem. I don't believe I have had any attacks yet but he has been hospitalized a couple of times.

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