Monday, May 25, 2009

Seeding and Rain

This weekend was good. The weather finally cooperated and Ardmore got the field on the highway cultivated and seeded wheat there. I mowed the lawn and even picked up the grass. The flower pots are all planted.

Today? Well that is a whole other story. Rain was predicted but our hopes were positive, it wouldn't be too much. That lasted until about noon when the rain came in earnest; now we have about 3 inches. Way too much when it is almost too late to seed in the first place. Something keeps saying you won't be able to complete the seeding this year now.

We have water standing all over in the yard, even in places where we usually don't.The wind is atrocious also, about 50 m/hr out of the east. The one positive thing is that this isn't winter so we didn't have a blizzard and there were no power outages either.

It was a good day to curl up and read The Man who Loved China. Although is it a great book, there are other things that must be done too so it is taking longer to read than it should. Needham's travels across China are filled with problems but his attitude is almost child-like. He takes break downs, floods, and running our of fuel for the truck they are using in such amazing ways. I just can't see him doing it the same today, but then it would be much easier today. The people he contacts, the places he heads to when there are break downs are so out of ordinary for most tourists, but he is on a fact finding mission so all things are necessary. One must read this book to appreciate what he goes through to learn what he desires. This is definitely a must read for anyone who is interested in China and their history.

How can one sleep with the wind howling outside of their window?

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