Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day has been a nostalgic time for me. Our children live so far away that they do not come home for the holiday and so I miss them more than ever.Yesterday was a different. We recently discovered Skype and the video capabilities!

Michelle's children live within driving distance of her and her husband had arranged for them to make a surprise appearance. Bryce, who is in the Coast Guard had just returned from the Cuba area so it was extra nice for her and I. They called and we talked for about an hour or so. Later in the day I called her back and requested that she play one of the piano pieces she will be performing for her final in piano at Stanislaus. What a treat!

My granddaughter Breanne and I visited the most. She had brought my busy grandson, Damen so I was even more excited. We did a patty cake together and I just totally enjoyed our visit.

When they all decided to go play badminton in her back yard, Breanne and I had some one on one. She is a wonderful mom. She probably disappointed her husband's family as they had come over to spend the afternoon and go swimming. She had plans to spend it with her mother though, and Josh took her over there soon after they arrived.

Damen has adjusted very well to the new house. Breanne said he sleeps so much better and more now. He is sleeping through the night and even taking naps. It causes me to wonder if perhaps he had some allergies to something in the other house. He was so wild and didn't sleep well at all.

Farm things are all on our minds right now. Ardmore is taking our old Ford grain truck to have the transmission repaired. There seems to always be something that needs repair work on the farm. He has headed to the shop right now so I am going to pick him up and bring him home.

We are not ready to begin our farm work yet. It has been way too wet still. It seems to rain every three days and then for several days. It isn't always very much, but it is annoying as things don't get the chance to dry out. I have a nagging feeling that we are not going to get our crops in this year. Some fields won't go in, because they were too wet last fall and couldn't be worked. Others just seem to get wet and never have the opportunity to dry out. Time will tell, and it doesn't seem to be on good for Roseau County's farmers this year.

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The Quayles said...

So glad you found Skype, and had a good mother's day! You deserve it! We just got skype too! I haven't used it with mom and dad yet, I can't wait! Love your blog!