Monday, May 4, 2009

Museum Workshops

These past two weeks have been very busy and still the busyness continues. Last Friday, the Minnesota Historical Society held a workshop for the Minnesota's Historic Northwest Consortium area at Shevlin. About 20 individuals from about 12 historical societies in Northwest Minnesota attended. It was very worthwhile as we covered so many different areas from Collection Care to website design dos and don't s. I thought it would be nice to share some photos of the museum and the attendees. These were taken at the Clearwater County Historical Society.

After all the training and other things that had to be worked on I finally decided it was time to complete some of the things that were planned for home. This was a good weekend to do it, seeing as how I also had Monday off. Saturday I recovered our dining room chair. This was something in the works for about a year and it is finally off the "list". Today the outside was tackled. The planters were cleaned out, the deck table scrubbed of all winter grim, the chairs hauled from the shed to the deck on the six-wheeler. Then it was scrub time again. The John Deere rider was backed out the shed for the first time and I mowed what I could of our very wet yard. Finally it was time to relax on the deck with a book.

Ardmore has been hauling in grain. He took three loads of wheat in on Friday, one of wheat and one of soybeans today. It is amazing the difference in price from one elevator to the next. Seems like they should all be the same but they aren't. At least the wheat was fairly dry now. Everyone in our area has wet wheat by the sounds of it. Ardmore ran the grain dryer all fall and still the grain is wet. It just doesn'tmake sense.

He has been repairing and painting the truck he bought when I was down at the workshop two weeks ago. I think it will serve us well enough. He is pleased that it runs well.

I am reading David Ellis' Jury of One. So far, it is ok. I just started it so don't know what I will think of it farther in. Lately with all that is going on, there hasn't been much time to read.

Tomorrow it is back to work, another busy week in store.

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