Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rainy Day, again

Last night the wind came up in a vengeance; within half an hour the rain started to fall. Again. Monday and Tuesday were wonderful, sunny days where walking and outside work were pleasurable. Today is a good day to go to work, the museum is one big black area without windows so one doesn't have to worry about what it is like outside.

Yesterday I went to a tourism workshop in Thief River Falls. I had a morning appointment so attend three sessions, but they were well worth the trip.One of the seminars was on internet usage for attracting attention. The internet is a valuable tool if used to ones advantage. It does not precede word of mouth though. Email has a definite place in e-commerce though. One the museum should use more often.

I started reading Simon Winchester's The Man Who Loved China after listening to an interview with him on MPR. The book may be a challenge to my limited time but is an excellent biography about Joseph Needham. Needham is a not so well know scientist whose interests were wide ranging. He has provided in depth information on the Chinese culture from the many years he served there under the English government. Winchester's book is a very good read that expands the vocabulary and the mind.

9:30 pm
Well, here we are with almost an inch of rain today. I have my doubts that Roseau County and most of NW Minnesota is going to see many crops planted this spring. That is very troubling. We will just pray for the best. I could hear it pound on the roof above me at work today; something I don't usually hear unless it is a downpour. When I left at 7:45 it was still raining. The gravel roads have really been tough to drive on this spring and our yard is a mess. Ardmore has added several loads of gravel but it needs to get mixed with the clay and then harden all summer before we will see any results. It is put the peddle to the metal and weave through the mud!

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