Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Where we are today

STS arrived at the museum at about 10:30 am unexpectedly. Very pleasant surprise. The leader and I are good friends and he had to show me his new grandchild. Pretty cute baby boy and proud grandpa!
Then the crew went to work... They took everything out of a wardrobe that we wanted dismantled and put it in boxes so our volunteers could sort, catalog the numbers, and rebox the items. then they dismantled it. They also put away all the Christmas decorations that we no longer were going to use this year.
Which reminds me, I need to put up my Christmas tree and decorations. Now it so cold I will have to wait a bit. It was 11 above F when Mickie and I went for lunch today, too cold to go out and put up anything. Brrr!
My camera is up and running now after a day of struggling to see why it wouldn't show on the other end of Skype. I had worked with the MN Humanities Center so we could talk with theie board members on Friday but we couldn't get it to work. Then I called a friend who it an IT designer at Digikey in Thief River Falls this evening. He got me up and going. They will be very pleased to hear that. Some people can do some amazing things, he is one of these people.

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Janelle said...

I'm glad you got the background to work. It looks great! I'm excited to add you to the blogs I read.